By being a member of our club, you are part of our community. Obviously we want everybody to fully enjoy
his or her membership. To make sure this happens, and to guarantee the comfort and quality of our club,
we apply a couple of basic rules.

Once you have a membership here, you explicitly agree to following these rules:

1. Necessities

• Wear appropriate clothing when working out (see number 2).
• Always bring a towel to use during your workout.
• We provide enough lockers; always bring a padlock to close them.

2. Clothing

• It is obligatory to wear appropriate clothing and shoes when working out.
• Appropriate clothing means (without being limited to):
- No bare upper body
- No (tank)tops that are cut out too deep
- No shorts that are too short
- No provocative clothing
If you are unsure whether your clothing is appropriate, please ask our staff.

3. Equipment provided

• We always try to provide the best service possible and the newest equipment; please use it with care
and respect.
• Everything has its own spot; please put it back where it belongs.
• When you see that somebody forgets to put his stuff back, please address this person or our staff and
put it back where it belongs.
• Using our weights, kettlebells, dumbells etc. can be heavy. Please put them back with care without
dropping them.

4. Dressing rooms and lockers

• We do everything possible to make sure the dressing rooms are clean and tidy at all times;
please do the same:
- Use the bins provided
- Don’t leave your soap/shampoo in the showers
- Keep the showers clean: use the mop provided
- Don’t leave your stuff in the dressing rooms

• The dressing rooms have sufficient lockers: use them to put away your bag and other stuff.
• Bring your own padlock, and take it with you when you leave the dressing rooms.
• The lockers are for everyone to use. It is not allowed to reserve or ‘claim’ them in any way.
• Always empty your locker after using it. If there are still padlocks attached to the lockers at closing
time, we may break it and empty the locker.

5. Sauna

• Wellness and fitness go together, that’s why sauna is included for every member.
• The sauna is for relaxing. Please use it in silence.
• Respect each other’s privacy and personal space.• Always bring a towel in the sauna.
• It is not allowed to wear clothing in the sauna.

6. Group classes

• We have a simple system to register for and cancel our classes. If you booked a class but you can’t
make it, please cancel so someone else can take this spot.
• If you did not show up for a booked class five times without cancellation, we charge a €15 euro fee.
• People of all ages and levels come together in our classes, please show respect.

7. Behaviour

• Respect is crucial: for our equipment, but also for the other clubmembers regardless of one’s gender,
race, sexuality, weight, ethnicity, ...
• You are not the only on in the gym, so please don’t scream, shout or be excessively loud.
• We play music in the gym. If you like to listen to your own music, please use earplugs or headphones.
• Everyone trains in their own way, please respect this.
• Everyone wants to use the machines. Please don’t occupy them longer than necessary. When you are
done, please clean up for the next person.
• It is by all means prohibited to take pictures or make videos of someone else without their knowing
and approval.
• Transgressive behaviour in any way is absolutely prohibited.
• We have a nice restaurant next to our gym: Warehouse. Eating and drinking can be done here, not in
the gym.
• Drinking water/sports drinks during your workout is allowed. Make sure you can close your bottle. If
you were to spill, please clean up after yourself.
• Please bring all lost and found objects to the reception so we can return it to its rightful owner.
• Stealing is prohibited.
• Be on time for your group classes.

8. Banned stubstances

• Usage of banned substances such as anabolic steroids, doping, drugs etc. is prohibited in our club.
• If you were to be in the know of someone using banned substances, please let our staff know asap so
we can act accordingly.